PLA is Polylactic Acid or biodegradable plastic which is extracted from corn starch, potato starcg, sugar cane and more. Originally, PLA is a foodgrade plastic which is common to find in plastic market nowadays,but the uniqueness of PLA is compostable which make it special and different from normal plastic types. The material can also be recycle, but after the recycling process; PLA is not foodgrade anymore, but still can be decomposted. The material takes about 6 months to decompost. The way to decompost must depend on three proper conditions. First, It must be buried underground. Second, It must has moisture from water. Lastly, It needs heat from sunlight.

From the criterias, PLA is quite proper to be shot life cycle product which we can be just temporary used. I finally made showcase product which is small plant pots made out of PLA mix with food wastes such as egg shells, peanut shells, shrimp shells, coffee ground, tea ground and corncob. It is small pots that we use to grow plants from seeds and when the plants grow enough to change to bigger environment, users can bury the whole pot directly underground and the pot will start to decompost by itself, also the food wastes that were mixed can give important minerals to soil and the plants to grow up well. It is not just only making showcase product, but also observe and prove about PLA degradation.

To make the prove in a shot semester time, I had to accelerate the degradation prccess by applying more heat and moisture, it is just like the immitation of hot bin which is faster and better decompost than normal environment 30 times.